About Us

TUYU has a single, simple goal: to reduce youth unemployment in Uganda by encouraging organizations to take on young people. In doing so, we will be helping the next generation to make their mark on the world, and reminding them that they are not a forgotten generation.
We believe that our approach to youth unemployment is unique and sustainable and one that will have the biggest impact on the growing crisis.
To support the growing number of young people (age 18-35)
Not in Employment,Education or Training (NEET)
Bring together organizations working to support NEET young people, in order to share ideas, information and best practice; to encourage collaboration
Encourage organizations to become members of the TUYU and sign up to the positive youth charter.
To support employers to reduce barriers which currently prevent young people from gaining employment.
To support schools to cultivate well equipped employees of the future
To improve links between business and education
To support young people with quality information and sign posting of the services and opportunities available to them
To listen to young people’s voices
To lobby as one central voice on matters regarding youth employment to the government
  • Increase the recognition of voluntary work as working experience
  • Increase the recognition of non-formal education
  • Empower young people to effectively transform their skills and preferences into employment
  • Empower youth to set up enterprises
  • Raise awareness about employment opportunity
  • To give young people a voice and empower them to be more prepared for the world of work
  • To help organisations be better equipped to support young people and adopt Youth Friendly Principles

What we do

  • Offer a platform for young people to have a voice on youth employment issues that affect them.
  • Empower young people to take control of their personal and professional development, and gain the skills employers want.
  • Support organisations working in the youth employment space by providing an impartial platform for them to communicate, share best practice and network.
  • Campaign and influence policy on employment issues and barriers facing young people.

Our Strategy

Our main purpose is to reduce youth unemployment and support every young person to progress. We work in line with the TUYU Theory of Change. Our Theory of Change centres around three key objectives, outlined below with our propositions to achieve these goals in the long term:

Young people are more prepared for the world of work.

  • Young Professional Initiative
  • Offering and sharing opportunities
  • Youth Ambassador network

Employers are better equipped to support young people and adopt the Youth Friendly Charter. Our goal is to help bring about an increase in youth friendly support and opportunities for young people.

  • Networking
  • Information sharing
  • Youth Friendly Employment Framework

Youth Friendly Award

Are you committed to attracting and developing a diverse future workforce? Apply now for the Youth Friendly Employer Award:

  • A quality kitemark for employers
  • A powerful recruitment & development tool
  • Attract candidates for apprenticeships & early careers

Be recognised as a high quality youth employer and reach a motivated and diverse future talent pool.

Contact and Press enquiries

General and business queries
We love to hear from people interested in youth unemployment issues and the work of TUYU. Please visit our contact page to get in touch.

Our CEO and founder Brendan A Wadri is available for interview and can offer expert opinion on the topic of youth unemployment. Please get in touch via the contact page and we look forward to hearing from you.

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