Support TUYU And Change A Life

TUYU is geared towards giving tens of thousands of young people the job and life skills they will need for a lifetime.

You recall your first job, don’t you?  Almost everyone does. And that memory usually casts a smile–a memory of a new skill developed, a positive interaction with a customer, or that very first paycheck. That first job set the foundation for your career, your ability to provide for your family, and your life.

But not all youths have the same opportunities we did. TUYU was created to solve this problem for the Youths of Uganda

YES is dedicated to helping youth in need begin their path toward economic independence and personal self-sufficiency. Our mission is to teach youth ages 16-24 the skills they need to secure and maintain meaningful employment. Your donation helps provide pre-employment and personal finance skills training, mock interview experiences, individualized job coaching, resume and application assistance, referrals to good jobs, and on-going follow up to youth who want and need to work.

Why Support TUYU?

Because we believe that everyone can rise to the occasion – you just have to give them the chance.

For every 250,000 ugx that you donate, one young person is provided with  service and training giving them a chance for a successful life.

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