Volunteering and Work Experience

Build your CV and broaden your horizons with life-changing experiences that could even help to shape your future!

Volunteering will help you build skills and confidence as a person. You’ll put yourself in new situations and meet all kinds of new people. You can find volunteering opportunities to match any interests, from sports coaching and emergency volunteering to social care and volunteering with animals. The choice is endless.

There’s a lot of teamwork involved in volunteering, so you’ll never feel alone or like you don’t know what to do. But it’s nothing like school – you’ll feel a buzz of responsibility and know you’re helping to make the world a better place, whether it’s a distant country or your local community.

Volunteering can help your CV and career, too. Employers like to see you have the self-belief to get motivated and do something worthwhile. They know you’ll be picking up the life and work skills that any Young Professional needs. And they like to hire a well-rounded person for their company, someone who has passions outside of work and can bring new outlooks and experiences to the team. Volunteering gives you a bigger network of contacts and can help you provide real-life examples at job interviews, too. It’s good for the planet and good for your future too!

DID YOU KNOW: You can volunteer with us at TUYU when you join as a Youth Ambassador. You’ll be doing stuff that looks INCREDIBLE on your CV, so click the link to find out more!

Work Experience and Internships

Work experience is one of the best ways to find out what you like doing. You can use it to put real-life experience on your CV (even if you’re still at school) and get a taste of what life is really like in the working world!

Schools arrange work experience opportunities, but you can do work experience at school, college, university and beyond. You can seek work experience opportunities by talking to teachers and lecturers, careers advisers, family and friends, and going on the careers website of your favourite employers to see if they have a formal process for work experience and internships.

What types of work experience are there?

  • Work shadowing (even if it’s just for a day)
  • Work placements in a company
  • Work placements on a degree course
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