Youth Ambassador Program

Youth Ambassador Programme

Embed the Youth Ambassador Programme into your organisation and help build a better youth employment framework.

Our Youth Ambassadors are aged 16- 35 and work with us to tackle some of the employment barriers young people face in the Uganda.

Youth Ambassadors sign up to a minimum of 5 hours of volunteering a month. In exchange, we support them with opportunities to really make a difference. All Youth Ambassadors are provided with the support and training they need to fully engage with the programme.

Youth Ambassadors get involved with a range of activities including: Responding to government consultations, writing content for our site, speaking to young people in their local community and attending meetings with government departments.

Youth Ambassador Programme for Apprentices

Employers can now put their young apprentices forward to join the Youth Ambassador Programme.

Any employer or youth organisation can sponsor a young staff member to join the Ambassador Programme for a small cost.

Support the training of ‘behaviours’

During their training programme, all Ambassadors receive the following training Communication, Team work, Problem Solving, Self-Belief and Self-Management, Public Speaking, Written Communication, Leadership and Mentoring and Equality and Diversity training.

Ambassadors track the personal development progress they are making, recording and reflecting on their training and activities.

Please talk to us about any additional ‘behaviours’ not included which may be part of your specific Apprenticeship Standard.

Benefits to the employer and the provider

  • Youth Ambassadors are fantastic representatives and young role models. Ambassadors support our work with schools, colleges, youth organisations and government, where they can represent both their employer and provider.
  • Ambassadors share their journey to work with the young people they meet and help create content for our site based on their experiences. This helps to introduce young people to new career ideas and pathways, such as Apprenticeships.
  • Often Ambassadors can help to break down any stereotypes and misconceptions that young people and parents have about Apprenticeships better than other company representatives.
  • Youth Ambassadors are given training and mentoring throughout their time as an Ambassador. This support can help the individual further develop both their work skills and their contributions to employers and providers.
  • Young people are usually attracted to employers who have a social responsibility offer. The Youth Ambassador Programme and support of The Unemployed Youth of Uganda can be included as part of a CSR programme.
  • Employees given opportunities to engage with social action through employment are often more satisfied in their role and choose to stay longer with the employer.

Get involved today

For more information about working with TUYU and the Youth Ambassador Apprentice Programme, please contact or call +256753950788

Meeting the Apprenticeship Standards Funding rules

The cost to put an Apprentice on the Youth Ambassador Programme for Apprentices is 1.000.000 (one million uganda shillings) per year per Ambassador (exc. VAT).

Terms and Conditions

  • All organisations putting young employees forward to join the Youth Ambassador Programme must be Community Members of The Unemployed Youth of Uganda and working to achieve the Talent Match Mark.
  • Young employees must choose to put themselves forward for the opportunity, as young people engage better with the programme when they have opted to join.
  • All those interested must submit an application form and have an interview with the Ambassador Manager. Information to share with young employees about the opportunity is available from TUYU.
  • The cost of the training and mentoring is 1.000.000  per year, per Ambassador (exc VAT). Other costs such as travel and accommodation must be met by the employer and managed directly through the Youth Ambassador.
  • Youth Ambassadors can choose which activities they get involved in. TUYU will do its upmost to ensure an appropriate amount of local activity is available with participants with limited travel requirements. TUYU will also ensure a balance of events and online activity for each Ambassador.
  • Ambassadors must complete their Ambassador Administration. This will include reflection on the training they have participated in and a summary of activities. This report will be made available quarterly to their employer and provider.
  • Youth Ambassadors must be allowed to complete their Youth Ambassador activity during normal working hours, paid for by the employer. There is a minimum requirement of 5 hours per month.
  • All Ambassadors must sign up to the programme for 12 months. At the end of the 12 months, Ambassadors can choose to remain engaged with the programme. If the employer and provider wish to continue to be represented by the Ambassador, then the  fee will be charged.
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