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Work With The Youth Employment Experts

We provide expert guidance and support to all organisations working with and employing young people.

As a youth-led organisation we offer unique insight and support across a range of youth employment services. Our network includes government, employers, educators and third sector organisations enabling us to join the dots in the youth employment space.

And as we work with both young people and employers TUYU Employment Services is bridging the disconnect that still exists between young people and employers.

Our services include:

  • Membership of our Youth Friendly Employer Community
  • Support for early careers and recruitment campaigns
  • Best practice standards for youth employment
  • Bespoke Services including consultancy and strategic support, youth consultation, and education services design

Join the Youth Friendly Employer Community

The Youth Friendly Employer Community provides support, advice and guidance to any organisation working in the youth employment space. It brings together best practice, expert insight, knowledge sharing and so much more. As a Youth Friendly Employer Community Member you will be supported in multiple ways and can be assured that your Membership goes into funding the support we offer for free to all 18-24 year olds.

Benefits of being a Youth Friendly Employer Community Member

  • A membership certificate for you to display and Youth Friendly Employer Mark for your website and campaigns
  • Access expert advice, guidance and resources to help you attract, recruit and retain a diverse talent pipeline of young people
  • Reach 1000’s of young people every month through our careers hub
  • Benefit from connections to other organisations invested in youth employment
  • Access to the Youth Friendly Employer Community featuring regularly updated resources to support your HR function, including:
    • Best practice guides (including a guide to working with schools and a work experience workbook for students)
    • Case studies
    • Example job descriptions
    • Template policies and procedures
    • Webinars with leading employment specialists on topics such as inclusivity, developing an apprenticeship programme, supporting young disabled people, mentoring best practice and much more

Added benefit: Be awarded the Youth      Friendly Employer Mark    

The Youth Friendly Employer Mark is awarded to all members of the Youth Friendly Employer community. It is a seal of quality demonstrating that you are committed to sustaining and evolving youth-friendly employment practices. Young people are encouraged to look for the Mark on your websites, opportunities and social channels. They see it as a persuasive indicator that applying for your opportunities will be a sound career decision – and the Mark puts you ahead of the pack in a competitive recruitment landscape.

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Early Careers and Recruitment Campaign and Attraction

Our Careers Hub is accessed by a diverse and talented pool of young people across Uganda. It’s easier than ever before to achieve your goals of reaching 18-35 year olds who are thinking about their career choices and considering different employers.

Employer Profiles go far beyond a conventional job post; they provide an insight into who you are, what you do, the types of roles you offer and why working for you matters.

Benefits of having an Employer Profile:

  • Your brand will be showcased to over 65,000 unique visitors every month on our Careers Hub (and that figure keeps growing!)
  • You will work with our expert content team who know how to create brilliantly engaging content for our audience of 14-35 year olds 
  • We can include videos and case studies to bring your brand to life
  • We can upload career roles and work experience opportunities
  • We will support your recruitment and brand campaigns through social media and newsletters 
  • We will support you to reach our school, college, career adviser and youth organisation network
  • Support to link your outreach work with your employer profile, connecting your full early careers and talent pipeline                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Download Application Form

Best practice standards for youth employment

The Youth Friendly Employer Award builds on from the principles of good youth employment practice. It is a comprehensive framework that can be used to benchmark, assess and support the development of an exceptional youth employment strategy.

The Framework was co-created with young people  The Framework can be used as a development, benchmarking and recognition tool, assessing all aspects of your youth employment strategy from early careers and work experience, to employment including apprenticeships and graduate roles.

Employers who are successful in their assessment become Gold Standard Youth Friendly Employers.

Benefits of being a Gold Standard Youth Friendly Employer include:

  • Consultancy support to prepare for your assessment
  • Award Assessment
  • Case Study & promotion of your assessment outcome
  • Automatic entry into our annual awards
  • Recognition as a Gold Standard Youth Friendly Employer

Bespoke Services offered by TUYU Employment Services

As a leading youth employment expert we are able to support organisations in a number of ways.

  • Consultancy and strategic support
  • Development of your organisation’s youth employment strategy
  • Youth consultation including forums, surveys and workshops
  • Support with school and college outreach
  • Policy engagement 
  • Youth employment impact measurement and support
  • CSR specific projects

Please talk to us about your specific needs or take a look through some of our case studies.

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Youth Friendly employers are directly investing in the futures of all young people in the Uganda. Your financial commitment allows us to keep providing free skills support to all young people regardless of their background and circumstances.

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